3 friends

3 friends were gossiping..one was saying, “I drink tea…and my mouth burns.”

2nd was saying, “I drink tea so my internal body burns.”

So the 3rd friend said, “I put the tea bag water and sugar in my mouth..n sit on the stove.”



Brave husband

One Hakim was standing and announcing..”Whoever is afraid of his wife..stand in the┬áleft┬áline..whoever is not …stand in the┬áright┬áline.”

All were in the left..except one

So the HAkim turned to him n said, “Very good..why r u not afraid of ur wife?”

Man answers, “I don’t know..she told me to stand here!”



A man was standing on the roof of a building when one of the employees shouted, “Hey, Akhtar!” “Your son just jumped off the roof!”

So this guy jumped off too.

When he reached the first level he thought, “Hey, my name isn’t Akhtar….”

At the second level he remembered, “I’m don’t have a son…”

And at the final level, he realized, “I’m not even married…”


Without teeth!

Aik bacha kartub dikha rah tha apni Maan ko

Cycle chala raha tha..to pehle round par aa kei bola: Ammi haat ke baghair (no hands on the handle)

Ammi: Beita gir jao gei pakarr kar chalao

Beita pihr aik round lei kar aya or kehnei laga: Ammi paon ke baghair (no feet on the pedals+hands off handle)

Ammi: Arey arey takra jao gei

Beita pihr aik round lei kar aya or kehnei laga: Ammi daant ke baghair (Yani he crashed and lost his teeth)

Arab taxi

Do dost pehli baar Saudi Arab gae

Taxi mein bhayte to driver Arbi bol raha tha..unko ko kuch samajh nahi aya..aur isharon se directions pata rahei thei..

Laikin seedha janei ka tareeqa samajh nahi aya..to pehlei dost ne jhilla kar kaha..tum hi patao iss ko seedha jana hai..

Doosrei dost ne kuch soch kar kaha..Ihdinas siratal mustaqeem!